Poiray celebrates its 40th anniversary

A beautiful age for a brand who has always imposed its elegance and its sense of Parisian chic since the birth of the Maison in 1975. Today Poiray is blowing out 40 birthday candles.

The jeweller celebrates its anniversary surrounded by all the symbols that have made the brand a legend on the evening of 12 February 2015, just before Valentines day. With its charm, its boldness, its free spirit and Art Deco influence and its signature feminine shapes Poiray never ceases to renew itself without altering its mythical collections. They have become emblematic they travel through fashions and seduce all generations without gaining a wrinkle!

On a romantic theme, the Poiray heart, which is one of the Maison's iconic pieces, will mark the anniversary celebration with both an indellible and voluptuous seal. The heart has been designed in three different shapes and in three different types of gold. It is the incarnation of Poiray's elegance and gentleness. the spirit of Poiray.

But in addition to celebrate love and lovers everyhwere, the Poiray Maison proves that it has a heart by creating a pendant which will help to save disadvantaged children. The anniversary heart will be mounted on a red ribbon and it will be available as a limited edition of 1000 pendants which will be specially made in solid silver and sold in Poiray boutiques as well as during the evening itself

Have a heart so that they have one, a formula which epitomizes Poiray! The proceeds from the sale will be donated to the association of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque which was founded in 1996 by Francine Leca and Patrice Roynette in order to allow children suffering from heart defects to be operated on in France.

To celebrate Poiray's entrance into the new decade, the solemn moments will be followed by happier times. From the launch of a music channel, a very dynamic social network to timeless collections, Poiray has the secret of unfailing and eternel youth.

Public price:
Solid silver heart pendant: 380 euros

« Have a heart so that they can have one »

Logo Roses des sables


This year, Poiray is once again the partner of the "Roses des Sables" 2014 edition. It is with immense pleasure that the brand supports and shares this adventure with the particpants of this 100% feminine raid.

Femininity, passion and the desire to excell are what links the Poiray Maison to the "Rose des Sables" Trophy. Undeniable assets to conquer both the world and the Moroccan desert.

Logo Triathlon des rosess


On Saturday 4 October, 2011, the Arc Foundation organized the "Triathlon des Roses", a special event which gathered 200 women with the aim of promoting prevention, screening and research for breast cancer. Swimming, Cycling, and running were part of the program for a morning of sporting solidarity in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which took place in the heart of the Saint Cloud park.

Poiray, the young watchmaking and jewelry Maison of Place Vendôme is happy to support the ARC Foundation for the "Triathlon des Roses". Poiray wishes to show its solidarity to all those women who have been struck by illness. Since its beginning in 1975, Poiray has always conquered modern womens hearts with its innate elegance and Parisian chic. Young, refined and bold, the brand seduces all generations and subtely conveys French charm. Femininity, a taste for the (very) exquisite and optimism define the brand whose nickname is "The young lady of Place Vendôme".