Between tradition and modernity, elegance as heritage.

If Poiray were a letter, it would of course be a P. That of the Parisian women, the Precious Stones and the Prestige of the Rue de la Paix, where the House settled in 1975 and came to heckle a world, that of the Place Vendôme, sometimes frozen in its convictions as well as in its traditions.


Poiray was first and foremost a certainty shared by its founders, François Hérail and Michel Ermelin: whether it was rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings, precious jewelry had to be elegant, creative, wearable for all occasions and available to suit every mood. Poiray embraced this new femininity, which was the rage in the early 1970s. At the time, it was a daring move. It would be an immediate success.



The arrival of Nathalie Hocq as Poiray's artistic director will speed things up. This fine connoisseur of the milieu and its backstage areas represents the entire Poiray spirit. A true Parisian, close to prominent artists, she is above all a woman of her time who will mark the history of the house with creations that reflect her vision of uninhibited luxury: precious jewelry will no longer be reserved for special occasions but will now be part of the daily lives of women who live a thousand days in one.


On the watchmaking side, the Ma Première watch, created in 1987, a symbol of the company's watchmaking expertise, places its Art Deco design among the iconic. Changeable, mischievous, chameleon-like, it comes in yellow gold, pink gold or steel, can be adorned with 2, 4 or 12 lines of diamonds or even, sublimate itself in a "full paved" version. It swaps Roman numerals for Arabic numerals, plays with the colors and materials of its bracelets that can be changed at will (thanks to their unique ratchet opening system), passing without complex from exotic skins to fluorescent calfskin, from metallic rice grain to pearls or satin.



Le cœur, emblème de la maison Poiray fait son apparition dans les collections joaillières avec Cœur Entrelacé pour ne plus jamais les quitter. Tout en gardant sa place de favori, il évoluera au fil du temps en s’habillant d’or ou de diamants mais également de pierres fines ou ornementales. Première maison de la Place Vendôme à refuser de se limiter aux seules pierres précieuses, Poiray infuse ainsi dans ses créations la riche palette qu'offrent les pierres fines. Sous le signe de la modernité, ces nouveaux classiques rencontrent une réussite instantanée : les Parisiennes adorent et l'enthousiasme dépasse rapidement les frontières.





In 2017, the House of Poiray launched the L'Attrape-Coeur and Lolita collections, literary nods to the gourmet curves or pure lines dear to Poiray, these joyful jewels to be worn on their own or accumulated by cheerfully combining all the colors, are the adorable foot soldiers of this charm offensive.



Creation of the Dune de Poiray and Perles Précieuses jewelry collections. The twisted gold of Poiray's Dune collection brings sunshine to the skin and pays homage to summer's finest hours. A reinvention of a great jewelry classic, the Perles Précieuses collection embodies the essence of Poiray: a playful taste in jewelry, an everyday eulogy to all of today's femininities.



Release of the Indrani ring, in a signet ring spirit. These cocktail rings adorned with colored stones with generous volume are also available in a version to accumulate.



On the occasion of its 45th anniversary, the House of Poiray reinvents its iconic watch in an elegant and precious version thanks to a unique dial made of silk and intertwined gold leaves. A true horological feat, the result of a long creation process, Ma Première - Edition Soie Précieuse continues to shake up codes.


The emblematic Flower Poiray collection, imagined around the daisy, comes in new creations. New rings, earrings and necklaces with yellow sapphire or diamond hearts radiate with their petals, in yellow or white gold, set with diamonds, combining the expertise of the House of Poiray with the freshness of this symbolic flower.

The Dune de Poiray collection is enriched with a new variation: Dune de Poiray Petit Modèle. The subtlety of the design, the delicacy of the twists and chiselling of the yellow and white gold are even more perceptible in these XS models. Their graceful sizes invite accumulation and association with already existing models.