Bold designs to wear every day.

The watchmaker pioneer of the interchangeable watch

The House's expertise is expressed through its Ma Première and Rive Droite watch collections, which have been inscribing their Art Deco design in the heart of Place Vendôme since the 1980s.

A pioneer in interchangeable watches, Poiray allows every woman to change bracelets in the twinkling of an eye thanks to its unique ratchet opening system. Switching unabashedly from exotic skins to fluorescent calfskin, from metallic rice graiń to pearls or satin, these iconic watches can be adapted to suit any occasion.

An art deco design that became iconic

Adopting a round or rectangular dial, they come in yellow gold, rose gold or steel and thus embody an assumed femininity.

Playful and precious, the watches are adorned with 2, 4 or 12 lines of diamonds. The fruit of innovation and the craftsman's hand, these classics have enjoyed unparalleled success to this day.

Jewelry technicality and audacious creativity

By calling on the expertise of the jewelry workshops, Poiray innovates and creates ever more audacious pieces: Ma Préférence plays with diamonds and colored stones to suit every occasion. Flower Poiray, an Haute Joaillerie collection with articulated petals, combines jeweler's technical skills with the figurative motifs so dear to the House.

Dune de Poiray, reveals exceptional craftsmanship thanks to the chasing technique that adorns this new collection.

An unparalleled knowledge of fine and precious stones

As the first house on the Place Vendôme to invite the rich palette offered by fine stones into its collections, Poiray benefits from an unparalleled knowledge of stones and a true mastery of jewelry techniques: champagne bubble paving, grain settings, and the unprecedented "Poiray cut" stone cut.

With an infinite chromatic palette, pieces with generous volumes and clean lines, Poiray asserts its uniqueness.