In order to determine your ring, we suggest you download and print our online ring sizer (full size printing).

Remember that our two hands are not quite alike, and that a ring worn on a finger of the left hand will not perfectly match the same finger of the right hand.

Make sure that the size you have chosen will allow the ring to slide easily over the full length of the finger.

Measure your finger preferably at the end of the day in a temperate place, in fact the size of the fingers can vary in case of strong heat or very cold.

Each ring corresponds to the inner diameter of the ring, the number written in the center indicating the circumference. In order to determine the size of your ring, you can use a ring that you own and whose size corresponds to you and look for the corresponding diameter on the ring sizer. In order for the match to be perfect, the circle drawn on the ring sizer must be visible inside the ring, attached to it.

In case of hesitation between two sizes, we advise you to choose the larger size. Please note that ring style also affects sizing: a ring with a thin, ring-like body will fit tighter than a ring with a wide body.

We recommend that you try on your ring with your jeweler: the staff of Maison Poiray will be happy to help you choose your ring in the size that best suits you.

Download size guide

Download size chart

All our 18 carat gold chain bracelets are offered in one size and have been specially designed to adapt to all wrist sizes thanks to 2 additional adjustment rings.

The bracelets on cord are adjustable thanks to their sliding knot.